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Pioneers in the industry, we offer elastic adhesive bandage, cotton crepe bandage, plaster of paris bandage and surgical cotton bandage from India.

Elastic Adhesive Bandage

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Product Brochure
Size10 cm x 4 m (WxL), 10 cm x 1 m (WxL)
Usage/ApplicationSurgical Dressing
Quantity Per Pack240 Rolls
MaterialWoven Fabric
No. Of Roll Per Inner Box30 Rolls
Country of OriginMade in India

Minimum order quantity: 1000 BOX

Product Description:

  • It consists of a woven fabric, elastic in warp, which has been spread evenly with an adhesive mass containing Zinc Oxide, which does not offset when the bandage is unrolled. The warp threads consists of two fold cotton threads crepe twisted and welt threads are of cotton/viscose/both mixed. The warp threads are arranged two threads S twisted and two threads Z twist repeated. The fabric is clean and reasonably free from weaving defects and other impurities. It is one continuous length without joints and has fast edges. 

  • Ideal bandage for support strapping fractures, muscles injuries, elbows, knees, shoulders specially requiring elasticity. It is also used for correctional purposes. 

Features :
  • Good Adhesion - Zinc Oxide based adhesive mass provide good adhesion with minimum residue. High twist cotton provides strength for dynamic strapping
  • Good Breathability - Porous construction and adhesive coating permits better skin breathing moisture to pass through.
  • Good Elasticity - It has good extensibility and after stretching it. the regain length is appreciably less. 

Cotton Crepe Bandage

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Product Brochure
Size6 cm x 4 meter, 8 cm x 4 meter, 10 cm x 4 meter, 15 cm x 4 meter
Manufacturer ByProminence Healthcare Private Limited
Weight200 Grams
Number Of Clips2
No. Of Inner Per Shipper6
No. Of Roll Per Inner15 Roll
No. Of Roll Per Shipper90 Roll
Country of OriginMade in India

Minimum order quantity: 1000 PIECE

Poroplast Cotton Crepe Bandage consists of characteristic fabric of plain weave in which warp threads are two fold cotton threads, crepe twisted and weft threads are of cotton/ viscose/both mixed. The warp threads are arranged two threads S twist and two threads Z twist repeated. It is one continuous length without joints and has fast edges.

Cotton Crepe Bandage is used in the treatment of sprains and strains and in other conditions in which light support is required. It may be used for this purpose in conjunction with other surgical appliances. It is also used for correctional purpose. 

Features :

  • It has good elasticity.
  • It has good extensibility and after stretching it, the regain length is appreciably less.
  • Much of the elasticity of the bandage is lost during use, but it can largely restored by washing the bandage in warm soap water.
  • Flesh Coloured Elastic bandage.
  • Washing renews elasticity.
  • Indicated and directed for washing on extended flap.

Plaster Of Paris Bandage

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Product Brochure
Bandage Size6 Inch
SizeW: 7. 5CM, 10 CM, 15 CM, 20 CM , L : 2.7 M
Quantity Per Pack1
Is It WaterproofNon Waterproof
OEM ServiceYes

We offer a variety & superior Quality of Mendwell (Plaster of Paris Bandage).

Plaster of Paris Bandages, also called plaster bandages, are mainly used to protect injured anatomical structures (mainly broken bones) and also served to stability the bones while healing. Once it has been applied, the gauze hardens after water is added.

  • Leno weave fabric coated with POP mass which is more sticky & adheres to cloth more.
  • Therefore less powder loss even when dipped in water. The more sticky powder adhere the layers more with each & makes all layers in one & this one layered cast has more than double the strength as compared to our competitors. Therefore fewer bandages are required to make a plaster & resultant cast is of light weight.
  • Premium Orthopedic Plaster
  • This quality is especially developed for bulk buyers like big Hospitals & Ministry of Health etc.
  • Having short water immersion time.
  • Normally Durable , Creamy and having good cast strength.
  • Latex-free, High Cast Strength
  • Optimum Setting Time
  • Minimum Powder Loss
  • Moisture resistant packaging

Surgical Cotton Bandage

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Product Brochure
Bandage Size3 Inch
Usage/ApplicationSurgical Dressing

Mendwell Medicated Dressings consists of medicated pad placed at the center of the self adhesive backing susbtrate which is either cloth or plastic (PVC or PE Film); and of various shapes such as rectangular, square and round.


  • It is used in providing first protection to superficial injuries, minor cuts and bruises, exudates absorption. 

  • Medication - The pad is impregnated with Benzalkonium chloride solution IP equivalent to Benzalkonium chloride 0.5% w/w sometimes permitted food grade, nonstaining, dye is added. The pad is laminated with perforated film to make it nonadherent.
  • Good Permeability - Perforations are provided to facilitate better breathing.
  • Good Adhesion - Quick stick properties to provide instant adhesion and provides films adhesion to skin.
  • Skin Tolerance - The adhesive recipe is suitably formulated to ensure minimum skin irritation. Those with Zinc Oxide based adhesive mass.
  • Stability - Content of active ingredients i.e. Benzalkonium chloride is retained well above the desired level throughout the shelf life. Performance of adhesive backing is also maintained well above the desired level through out the shelf life. 


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